3 Ways A Paternity Test Can Save You Tax Money

3 Ways A Paternity Test Can Save You Tax Money

If you’ve got a child in your life who you’re not sure is biologically yours, you’ve probably considered getting a paternity test done. Paternity tests have plenty of benefits beyond the obvious – did you know a paternity test could even help you save tax money in certain situations? If you’re questioning the heritage of a child who could be yours, get a paternity test ASAP. 

What Is a Paternity Test?

A paternity test is a test that uses DNA from a child and a man to determine if the man is the father of the child. Typically, a paternity test uses DNA collected from a cheek swab of both parties. A paternity test can also be done while the child is still in the womb – some tests can be performed as early as nine weeks along. A Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity (NIPP) test is usually done by taking a blood sample from the mother and potential father.

Paternity tests can be court-ordered or chosen, and some can even be performed at home and sent into a lab for testing.

Paternity Tests and Legal Custody

Paternity tests can be extremely important for settling matters of custody and child support. If the identity of the father is in question, a paternity test can definitively answer whether or not a man is the father and thus has a legal obligation to the child. 

If you have been raising a child you are not sure is biologically related to you, or have suspicions that a child may be biologically yours, a paternity test will help you legally obtain full or partial custody of the child. 

3 Ways a Paternity Test Can Save You Tax Money

A paternity test is useful for a multitude of obvious reasons – but did you know that getting a paternity test can actually help you save tax money in certain circumstances?

  • You Can Claim the Child as a Dependent: If the paternity test comes back positive, and the child fits all the qualifying rules for being a dependent, you can claim them as one for a tax exemption. 
  • You Might Get a Tax Credit for Childcare: If a paternity test determines that the child is yours, and you pay a childcare provider to look after your child, you may be eligible for a tax credit. See more details here.
  • You May Qualify for a Child Tax Credit: If you do qualify, you can get a tax credit of up to $1,000 per dependent child. It doesn’t completely make up for the cost of raising a child, even part-time – but it doesn’t hurt!

What Is the Best Way to Determine Paternity?

Paternity tests that use cells from a cheek swab or blood from a blood draw are extremely effective and unlikely to provide false results. Paternity tests are quick, easy, and affordable – and they can be done at almost any lab in the country.

So, if you find yourself in the position of wondering whether or not a child is biologically yours, a paternity test is your best option. Blue Star Diagnostics can help you out with that. Call us now at (469)-656-7999 to get the process started!