Can you do a paternity test while pregnant?

Can you do a paternity test while pregnant?

Yes, you can do a paternity test while pregnant. You might worry that the DNA sample would have to come directly from the child, as with a typical DNA paternity test, and that sounds scary! But it is much more simple than that. In fact, this part of the test can be done non-invasively with a simple blood test of the pregnant mother.

How Does a Prenatal DNA Paternity Test Work?

The mother’s non-invasive test provides a DNA profile of the baby since there are fetal cells in the maternal blood sample. The child’s profile is compared to the DNA profile of the presumed father. The potential father’s DNA is collected by mouth swab. The test and scientific comparison of their respective DNA reveals if the tested male is the biological father or not.

Scientific advances have brought about so many comforts and in this case, the comfort of resolving the question of paternity while the baby is still in utero. That knowledge can be priceless to a mother to be who needs to know the father will take responsibility for his biological child, and to any family in this type of crisis. 

How early can you do a paternity test on an unborn baby?

You can do a paternity test as early as 5 weeks into the pregnancy, and the test is more than 99% accurate.

The assignment of paternity comes from a comparison of the baby’s DNA and the father’s DNA. To find out who the father is, you simply need to have the swab from any potential father and this blood test from the mother. The comparison will confirm or deny paternity. It is that simple. 

Where can I get a prenatal paternity test?

If you want your paternity test to be legally court admissible and to be conducted while pregnant, you will want to find an accredited, highly qualified laboratory to do this important blood work and DNA comparison testing. Take a look at our commitment to excellence, quality and customer service by checking out our website at or give us a call to learn more at (469) 656-7999

You deserve to have this worry gone and the process of paternity started as soon as possible and a prenatal paternity test can help you with that.