DNA screening is often requested for judicial, legal, medical, forensic, and business matters. You can have confidence that our lab technicians are properly certified and all of our test results can be court-admissible. At home DNA testing, although convenient, cannot be used in legal proceedings. Bluestar Diagnostics provides DNA testing for the following legal matters:

  • Paternity (Standard Trip, Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test, Maternity Test, Motherless Paternity Testing, Prenatal Paternity)
  • Viability (Postmortem Viability Test, Unusual Sample Viability Test)
  • Relationship (Grandparent DNA Testing, Siblingship, Genetic Reconstruction, YSTR Test, Mitochondrial Relationship, Avuncular, Twin Zygosity)
  • DNA Banking
  • DNA Identification (DNA Profiling)
  • Infidelity (DNA Detection)
  • Lifestyle (Skin DNA, Food Sensitivity, Pet Sensitivity, Maternal Lineage, Healthy Weight, GPS Origins, Paternal Lineage)
  • Gender Reveal (Fetal gender determined as early as 7 weeks)

Pre-natal DNA Test (Non-invasive)

Need to find answers before your baby is born? We provide non-invasive DNA testing to help you acquire insightful information. This test is designed to be stress free for both the mother and baby. The fetal cells in the maternal blood provides information for our lab to analyze DNA profiles. Call today for more information.

The DNA Test Process

DNA is the genetic blueprint that determines a person’s biological characteristics and as a result is often used to determine the ruling in a court case. The process of gathering DNA samples is quick and painless. A cheek swab is used inside the cheek of the person being tested for collection of a few cells. Our lab will have your accurate results within several business days.