How To Get A Court Ordered DNA Test

How To Get A Court Ordered DNA Test

A court-ordered DNA test can be used in many different legal scenarios, but they are most common in divorce cases, child custody, and child support claims, and almost always as a paternity test. A court-admissible DNA test simply means that it was conducted according to the standards required to the standards required in a court of law. At Blue Star Diagnostics, we can guarantee that every single test will meet those strict standards and provide efficient, accurate results. 

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How Do I Get A Court-ordered Dna Test?

The first step in getting a court-ordered DNA test is contacting a lawyer, who will create and submit a petition to the court. Then the court will order that the relevant parties get the DNA paternity test  – the mother, father, or other relative. 

How Long Does It Take To Get The Results Of A Court-ordered Dna Test?

Typically the results of a court-ordered DNA test will be available approximately 4-6 weeks after the swab is performed.

Is It Illegal To Deny A Court-ordered Dna Test? Can I Refuse To Perform One?

Depending on circumstance, it may be considered contempt of court to refuse to comply with a court-ordered DNA test, which can come with heavy fines or even jail time. But there’s no need to fear a DNA test – it’s a simple, easy, and painless process. 

Can A Dna Test Be Done With Just The Father And Child?

A paternity test can be performed with just the father and child. Certain other DNA tests may require a sample from the mother or other relative.

Can You Sue For Lying About Paternity?

If a man believes that he is the biological father of a child and pays child support, and then finds out, through a paternity test or otherwise, that he is not the biological father and the mother was aware of this, this may be considered paternity fraud. In these cases, a petition may be filed once the man has undergone the proper process to determine that there is no father-child relationship or to relinquish it, and the man has a chance to recoup the payments.

Get a Legally Admissible DNA Paternity Test at Blue Star Diagnostics

Whatever your reasons are for requiring a court-ordered DNA test, we at Blue Star Diagnostics have your back. Our tests are accurate, professional, and efficient. A court-ordered, legally admissible test from us will help your case. Call, email, or visit our office now to get the process started.