Is That Your Kid? Post-Holiday Paternity Tests

Is That Your Kid? Post-Holiday Paternity Tests

Family get-togethers are typically expected to be joy-filled gatherings bringing together families who have been apart for days, months, or even years to connect and make memories for our lifetimes. Over the holidays, families sometimes gather from around the country, and the generations bond over traditions. American families tend to eat together, participate in traditions and activities together, and take tons and tons of pictures. What if, upon seeing family all together, one family member stands out and people are suddenly wondering if someone needs to take a DNA paternity test?

Time For A DNA Paternity Test?

Yes, it has happened. Can you imagine being at a gathering or finding a photograph that makes you question your own parentage, your own paternity, or a relationship to a sibling, aunt, uncle, parent, or another relative? What if, upon seeing everyone together, you realize, something is off.

It has happened on some very rare but dramatic occasions when those family get-togethers and family pictures can reveal deeply hidden secrets. Perhaps, this one doesn’t look like the others, or maybe this one looks too much like the others. There is a remarkable story of a woman whose photograph revealed something to strangers that she herself never saw. The film “Little, white lie” explores the life story of Lacey Schwartz who learned she was a different race than she had believed her entire life and that photograph uncovered a family she never knew she had and her whole life took a very different turn because of it. What an amazing outcome, all from a picture.

That story had a very positive, if the complicated, outcome, but It can be a very painful thing to worry about paternity and secrets and lies. So, when that worry forms, there is one sure way to relieve the concern and move forward with the truth and that is a DNA paternity test. 

How Does A Paternity Test Work?

So, how does a paternity test work? The simplest test is the DNA paternity test to determine if a man is the father or is excluded from possible paternity, meaning he cannot be the biological father. This is typically a simple swab test, and reputable, highly qualified labs, like us here at Blue Star diagnostics, are experts in getting you the right test so you can get the answers you need. Amazingly, DNA paternity testing is now 99.99% accurate. If you need to know, you need a paternity test to get the truth.

Other types of tests are possible, as well. The three most common tests are mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA),  Y-DNA testing, and autosomal DNA testing. Each one has its unique purpose that will help you determine the relationship between you and your family member, and we can help you determine which test will work in your particular situation. 

A typical DNA paternity test can use either cheek swabs or blood tests. You will want the test done by a reputable and appropriate lab if you want the results to be used in a court of law. It is just a good idea for reliability and usability in general.  

Schedule Your Paternity Test

So if you are concerned that a child is, or isn’t yours, or if some images are sticking in your mind after the holidays and if it is making you alarmed about a relationship in your family, give us a call to schedule your test at (469) 656-7999 and take care of that worry. You can visit us at to learn more or get your questions answered.