What Is On-Site Drug Testing?

What Is On-Site Drug Testing?

Whatever your reason for drug testing, whether it is mandated or just part of your excellent business management, you will want to know about mobile testing. And yes, we can still do this during the Coronavirus crisis!

With on-site drug testing, you don’t have to send your employees away and into potential COVID 19 risk areas to accomplish whatever testing goals you have. We come to you for safe, healthy testing with our Mobile Testing Service. We bring the testing to your employees directly whether it is part of a consortium testing group, or arranged for your company directly.  

What Do Mobile Tests Detect?

Mobile tests can detect whatever your testing needs are. We do every type of testing a business might need from drug testing to health screenings to DNA testing, to consortium group testing and dozens of mobile testing options that individuals or businesses might need.

Are you required by the DOT to conduct mandatory drug testing? We help you join our consortium to easily and affordably participate in all the forms of required testing so your compliance is hassle-free:

  • Random drug tests, 
  • Return to work tests 
  • Reasonable suspicion tests 
  • After-accident tests

Even More Types Of Testing Available On-site

For all types of businesses we test on-site for your pre-employment testing, drugs and alcohol testing, biometric screening,  and occupational health services. Our experts are even called to hospital NICUs for paternity tests, assisted living communities and funeral homes for DNA tests used for social security benefits and property arrangements.

 In other words, we can do it all. If you need a test on-site we are your prime choice for excellent, competent, and efficient service for all your testing needs. 

How Does It Work?

If you are one of the industries with mandated testing, just join a consortium here. Our experienced collectors can come to your location and bring all the necessary equipment to accomplish your testing. With our on-site testing you have the following benefits:

  • No travel time for your employees,
  • Reduced wait times for individuals
  • No ability for bad actors to avoid or undermine testing 
  • Tests that can be scheduled can be arranged for your preferred dates and times.
  • No missed tests

The same process is arranged for any type of drug testing, for our biometric screening, and for any DNA testing. We come to you and you avoid the hassles of travel, the risks of exposure, and the wait times that can be expected. Our goal is to make the process as efficient, painless, and stress free as possible and our expertise makes that possible. Here is a complete list of the types of testing we can implement on-site.

For individuals or businesses, we have a wide selection of tests available. 

  • Urine Testing
  • Hair Strand Testing
  • Oral Fluid
  • Nail Testing
  • Sweat Patch
  • Passive Exposure Test
  • Presence of Date Rape Drugs
  • Steroid Testing

On-Site and Mobile Testing with Blue Star Diagnostics

Whatever your testing needs, you want to feel confident in the process, the competence of the clinicians, and to receive reliable and accurate results. So, you want to contact a highly regarded company like us here at Blue Star Diagnostics. We are here to assist with your compliance or your company program and we are excited to help you get started. Visit us here at https://bluestardiagnostics.com/drug-testing-and-toxicology/ or call us right away at (469) 656-7999.